Tuesday, February 5, 2019

NEW! Heavy Duty Engine Mounts

HDEMHeavy Duty Engine Mounts
are now available from Odd'l Rocket vendors!
Now at JonRocket.com - at more vendors soon!

Extended Length Spring Steel Engine Hook
        3" long engine hook allows engine block to be positioned under the top bend
        of the hook. No more worn or loose engine hooks!
Replaceable Kevlar Line Design
        Kevlar tie is looped under lower centering ring.
        Small guide tube along the side of the mount allows you to check the 
        condition of the Kevlar and replace if needed.
Heavy Wall BT-20H Engine Tube
        Stronger BT-20 tube for long life
        Works great with the new, more powerful 18mm Quest Composite engines
        and general model rocket use. 
Now at JonRocket.com - at more vendors soon!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Sprint60's F-16 Build

A port from YORF:
Here's a brief update. We've flown these a number of times now, drag racing fun; the last time at NARAM 60.  I finally have the paint finished, decals placed and canopies installed.  I don't have a pic of all four and one of them is still missing the nose cone.  
Fun rockets with lots of potential.  Some of the decals are kit decals, the rest are from Sirius Rocketry.
I'm still thinking about buying four more and kit-bashing F6Fs with a Blue Angels scheme.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Odd'l Rockets Heavy Wall BT-20H Body Tubes Now Available!

Over the years, I've grown to hate BT-20 body tubes.
The first time I tried to remove a friction fit engine from an Estes Beta, the tube was bent and the rocket unusable.

Now available from JonRocket.com:
To see the listing, CLICK HERE

On the left is a Estes BT-20, on the right the Odd'l BT-20H tube.
Standard Estes BT-20 style tubing is thin walled (.013") and prone to buckling and bends. Thin wall tubes can’t insulate against the heat of ejection charges. Paint above the engine mount area can blister.

This new tubing has the same wall thickness (.021") as a BT-55 or BT-60 tube.
The inside diameter is the same as a BT-20 tube. (.710")
Thicker wall tubing is less likely to shrink or “coke bottle” when a glue fillet dries.
Standard engine blocks (5/20 rings) will fit as an engine block.
Existing centering rings can be easily peeled or sanded to fit the slightly wider outside diameter.

  • Engine mounts - Perfect for the new C and D Quest Q-Jet engines.
  • Ejection Stuffer Tubes - Stronger when exposed to ejection charges. Longer life, more flights.
  • Strap-On Boosters - Less damage on landing under streamer recovery.
  • NAR Superroc Competition - Stronger tubes equal longer length designs.
  • Sport Models - Stronger as a main air frame tube. More success for school, Scout, 4H and general sport rocket projects.
The yellow plastic nose cones from Apogee are a great fit for the thicker wall tubes. These nose cones have a wider shoulder than standard nose cones. To see them, CLICK HERE

Monday, August 6, 2018

NARAM 60 Sunday, August 5, Manufacturer's Forum

I participated in the Manufacturer's forum on Sunday night with new products from Odd'l Rockets.
On the right is the new BT-20H, heavy walled BT-20 tubing. It has the same wall thickness as a BT-55 or BT-60.
Imagine the applications - Stronger stuffer tubes, strap on boosters, Super-roc competitions and general sport flying with longer life models!

I have never been a fan of the BT-20 style tubing ever since I crimped the BT-20 on my Estes Beta trying to remove a friction fit engine.
This stronger tubing will better insulate a hot engine and won't shrink up when the white glue dries! A perfect fit with the Apogee plastic (Starlight) nose cones.

Here's the new engine mount incorporating the BT-20H HEAVY WALL TUBE. Stronger for general use and great for the new, more powerful Q-Jet composites.

These Odd'l Rockets engine mounts have a 3" long SPRING STEEL engine hook. That extra 1/4" length hook allows you to glue the engine block in under the upper bend of the engine hook.

The REPLACEABLE KEVLAR mount ties the cord underneath the lower centering ring. Pull it out, check the condition of the line and replace if needed.

I was given a new Quest C12-6 Q-Jet engine for testing (Shown above). I went back to the hotel to get the products together and test the fit of the engine. The newer, slightly smaller diameter Q-Jets are a perfect fit with the labels on!

My third product unveil was a long time coming.
The Odd'l Rockets FIN TOOL will finally be sold after I return from NARAM. Many were interested in a demonstration after I was meeting participants at the front of the hall. These will probably show up on the Odd'l vendors websites in September.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Monday, June 4, 2018

F-104 Starfighter Kit Measurement Omission

I got an email from Gary S. asking for a measurement in the F-104 Starfighter instructions. On the first run of the kit instructions were missing a measurement.
In Step 20, the back end of the intake nose cone half is glued 5 5/16" from the back end of the main air frame tube. Step 20 is shown above.
I've sold quite a few of these kits and haven't heard from anybody about the omission. Sorry for any confusion! If your build is a little off, it shouldn't matter. I've seen F-104s fly at club launches with no stability problems.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Odd'l Kits on the NAR Facebook Page

Elliot Laramie posted:
"I love the Odd'l fighter kits! Wish they had more!"

Thanks Elliot!
Looks like the Odd'l Fighter Fleet is in great company!