Sunday, July 16, 2017

Neil W's Cyclone Flight Report

From a post on TRF: 
"I am pleased to report that Cyclone II performed flawlessly at the BARC launch yesterday. Don't have any pics yet, hopefully soon.

First launch was on an 1/2A3-2T. It didn't go very high, but high enough to get a good long spin coming down. As promised, the booster unit spins down moderately, while the mapleseed part gets up a pretty good rate of spin and comes down slowly.

Given the huge flat recovery area, I got ambitious for the second launch and stuck in an A3-4T. That got some good altitude, and a nice long spinning descent. Unfortunately I made a stupid mistake and watched the final descent of the booster piece while asking others to keep an eye on the mapleseed. They *all* lost sight of it, so after some searching I was becoming resigned to having lost it, until some time later my Dad located it somewhat further away that I imagined it could have traveled. So thankfully it's all back together safe and sound.
The takeaway: in the future I personally will focus exclusively on the mapleseed part, and not trust anyone else to follow it. The booster unit doesn't drift that far and should be easy to fine. The A3-4T was a great engine for a launch at a large club field, with easy recovery areas, but for smaller fields definitely the 1/2A3-2T is plenty.

All in all a very fun rocket, I look forward to flying it some more."

Great to hear Neil!
I've seen a Cyclone spin and drift out of sight on a A3-4t before.
At my local soccer field launch I had a prototype drift and land in someone's back yard on the 1/2A3-2t.
Definitely keep an eye on the upper half. The lower half tends to land much closer.
I'm happy to hear of your success, many are surprised how well it helicopters in with no real moving parts.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pigasus Flys High!

From a recent post on YORF, Les showed off just part of his collection - 

"Not the complete fleet....
A few weeks ago, Kopernik Observatory held its annual Rocketfest.
I put on a display of some of my rockets
This is about half of my collection from nearly 20 years of builds. Enjoy!"

That's an Odd'l Pigasus on top of all that smoke!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Better Bomb Tank Shape on the F-16 Kit

The bomb or tank wing details on the Odd'l Rockets F-16 kit were a compromise. Being a small vendor I certainly couldn't afford to have molds made for short run kits. Carved dowels were used for the larger tanks under the wings. They look good, but the shape could be better.

Using a pencil sharpener, knock off the rear end. You don't have to make a real sharp point, just remove some of the excess dowel.

On the left, the edge to be removed was marked with a pencil.

Make small chip cuts smoothing out the curve.

Wrap some 220 grit around the dowel and turn it against the sandpaper like a slow moving lathe.

After that, sand up and down as shown in the inset picture.

Here's the new shaped tank next to the F-16 tank. Both look fine but the new shape is better and more streamlined.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Giovanni's Break-Away

An email from Giovanni:

Thank you! 

I got it all finished up (just needed to tie the segments together). 
My kids helped pick the colors.  

Thanks again for these fun designs!


Friday, April 21, 2017

F-16 Kit Now Available!

Well it's about time! This one took a while . . .
Too many prototypes, too many trashed canopies, design revisions and many test flights.
Jon Rocket will have them today (Saturday), Apogee will have kits in a few days.
Thanks for your patience, I think this one is worth the wait!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Odd'l F-16 Kit Update

I recently bought a small vacuum forming machine for the F-16 clear canopies.
Getting the best thickness of plastic, finding the correct temperature and the right moment to turn on the vacuum takes some time - and trashed canopies!
Here's twenty I made yesterday afternoon. On the lower right is a cut and ready finished canopy.

The F-16 kit will have water slide decals!
I ordered 100 sheets from My only gripe was the way they have shipped previous orders, in a plain envelope. The decal paper was folded to fit in my mailbox.
In the comments section of the online order form I asked for the paper to be shipped in a flat box. This is what I received!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

F-16 Instruction Drawings Underway!

I've started work on the Odd'l Rockets F-16 kit instructions. This drawing shows the gluing of the intake scoop on the bottom of the model.
Instructions are really the most time consuming part of kit production. It would also be the most expensive! I'm fortunate to have a background in graphic arts.
My kit instructions are old school and hopefully answer all construction questions during the build.