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Odd'l Rockets kits are different, 
but that goes beyond the design, flight and recovery characteristics. 
  • The instructions are written and drawn up by an experienced modeler. 
  • No surprises and no "Gotchas".
  • Heavier walled tubes are used - No thin wall tubes that might crimp on a hard landing. Okay I lied, the Cyclone has a BT-20 tube for better helicopter performance.

The new kit . . .
Based on the classic Centuri Fighter Fleet series

* The wings and fins are laser-cut balsa, not fiber board.
* Clear Vacuform Canopy
* Water Slide Decals
* Heavy wall BT-50H Airframe
* Chrome Engine Tube Wrap
* 12" Odd'l Rockets Parachute

Height: 16.2", Diameter: 1.0", Weight: 1.87 oz

Adding to the popularity of the Pigasus, Here's the -


  • Three legs for better stability!
  • Soft bendy antennas
  • Extra water slide decals (in case you screw one up!)
  • Card Stock Trim
  • Tooth and Ray gun included
  • They Really Do Exist!
      Popular with kids of all ages 
      and the wives that are dragged to launches!


The newest, most popular Odd'l Kit!


* Stable, flying Winged Pig!
* Water Slide Decals and Card Stock Trim
* Parachute Recovery
* Don't fry your bacon, FLY IT!

Bring it to your next club launch and watch the cameras come out!


One of the original Odd'l kits!

Now re-designed with longer couplers and simpler Kevlar tether ties between segments.
Body tube segments are now heavy walled BT-50.

Boosts like a standard model but at ejection the rocket separates into six sections. It descends like a long snake, falling horizontally.

Everybody expects a parachute recovery,
Surprise everyone at the next club launch!

The Odd'l Rockets

This rocket was designed by Jonathan Mills, Ph. D. to study how a maple seed spins and falls from a tree. Sure it looks strange, but the performance is unlike any other model rocket!

You'll be amazed at how well the single finned upper section spins, almost hovering overhead.
Be sure to fly it first with an 1/2 A3-2t engine to judge it's high performance.

It even whistles on the way up!

More Odd'l Kits on Page 2 . . .

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