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A Great New Odd-Ball - 

What looks like a standard Styrofoam cup is a stable flying odd-ball rocket.

The top (or bottom of the cup) is reinforced with a custom made centering ring. A central launch lug gets it safely up the launch rod.
Includes precut vinyl decor.

A weird smoke trail follows the Cup during boost.
The cup almost amplifies the engine thrust with a throaty roar.
At ejection the engine pulls a streamer out of the over sized engine mount tube.

NOTE: This model requires the use of Epoxy glue for strength and internal protection. A thin coat of epoxy is applied on the inside cup wall.

Based on the Estes Classic -


The original Odd-Ball rocket.
Featuring Conical Stability
A perfect rocket for your first flight of the day!
Simple up and down recovery.

NOTE: This model does require Epoxy glue to adhere the engine mount tube to the plastic shuttlecock.

Based on the 1960s design, The Sputnik Too -


Another Odd-Ball classic!

The 3" diameter Styrofoam ball is pre-drilled for the engine mount tube, launch lug and legs.
The legs are now Bamboo, stronger than a wooden dowel.
The 3" long launch lug is set internally next to the engine mount tube for less launch rod drag.

The Sputnik is popular with school groups for small field launches.
Every part slides into place using white glue.
The easiest to assemble Odd'l Rocket kit!

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