Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Makes A Better LPR Parachute? Part 2

Some vendor parachutes have paper reinforcement rings. Those can easily tear. The rings included in the Odd'l parachutes are plastic.

The red and white colors are highly visible from the ground.
The scalloped gore design looks great on sport and scale models.

Why didn't I go with a 24" parachute?
What was the last model you made using a 24" parachute?
The 18" parachute is the best selling size. You can still make one 12", 15" or 18" from one chute kit.
Have a model that needs something bigger? Simply tie on two parachutes and have them recover side by side.

The new parachutes are included in the Pigasus and Little Green Man kits.
DFR Tech kits use the new chutes in their kits.
They are available for sale from (with the JonRocket logo in the center) and Balsa Machining Service (generic, no logo)


  1. Always a good idea to lay in a dozen or so of these spares so that you are prepared for problems in the field! A very reasonable investment! Thanks!

  2. Hi Kirk G,
    I have PLENTY of these parachutes as spares.
    Different sizes with different spill holes ready in my launch box to be switched out depending on the wind.
    All have snap swivels on them for any easy attach.

  3. "Have a model that needs something bigger? Simply tie on two parachutes and have them recover side by side."

    If someone's building something big enough to require a 24" parachute, wouldn't they prefer to use nylon anyway?

  4. Hi Lonnie,
    Yes, that's true.
    When you get to MPR rockets most will use nylon parachutes. On anything that big and heavy you wouldn't want the shroud lines to pull loose or have a thinner parachute tear.
    I specifically designed these parachutes for LPR rockets.