Saturday, April 18, 2015

New BLAST! Deflector Prototype

I finally received the first prototype of a new Odd'l Rockets BLAST! Deflector.
On the left is the original smaller BLAST! Deflector. It is gray and pitted after hundreds of LPR launches.
(The older deflector didn't show any pitting until after a few hundred launches. The pitting is not deep and doesn't effect the use of the deflector.)
On the right is the new prototype. The new version is the same size as the original MPC ceramic deflector it is based on.

Here's how it fits over a Quest blast deflector plate.
The new ceramic BLAST! Deflector solves many concerns.

  • Made from kiln-fired clay, it is non-conductive. Micro clips attached to the igniter can touch the ceramic deflector and not short out.
  • The parabolic shape directs the nozzle flame to the side and away from the base of the rocket. There is no "bounce back" of flame or sparks to char the low end of your rocket.
  • The wider base of the new deflector is more effective with 18mm and larger 24mm engines.

As soon as I get my first order, they will be available from Odd'l Rockets vendors.

NOTE: Don't clean your BLAST! Deflector in a dishwasher or immerse it in water. 
To get rid of the soot after a launch, simply brush off the loose crude with damp toothbrush or a damp paper towel.

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