Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Odd'l Cyclone from Bob Portnell

Hi, Mr. M!
Just wanted to report that Cyclone #251 has completed assembly and been turned over to my younger daughter (18-1/2 years old) for marker decoration action.

Thanks Bob!
Markers keep it light for a longer spinning flight duration.
That Cyclone is a strange looking bird - 
But there's a good reason why. 
Wait until you see the maple seed recovery!


  1. It flew this past weekend. I really only have one word for it. WOW.

    Dead-straight boost on 1/2A3-2T. Ejection just short of apogee (I chalk that up to our thinner air in the Great Basin.) Motor section tumbled back fine. And the top section transitioned to its spin cycle and just ... hung in the air. Descent seemed slower than anything I've ever seen, including my gliders.

    Thank you again for making this kit available. It's a fun and different build and an absolutely brilliant flyer.

    1. Thanks Bob!
      I does perform that well! I wish I had designed it -

  2. Cyclone is one of my favorite rockets to launch; I just love that little thing. Almost lost it multiple times; one time my daughter found it (somehow?) in a field of 6' corn.