Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Little Green Man Instruction Correction

Tim at Apogee Components built a Little Green Man and found a mistake in the instructions.
Under STEP 16, there is the phrase:
Note the Right Eye is slightly larger than the Left Eye (This is incorrect!)
Looking down on the nose cone (from above), the right eye is the larger one.

It should read:
Note the Left Eye is slightly larger than the Right Eye
(The copy is now corrected in the picture above and in all new printed instructions)
The instruction illustration has always been correct.

If you have any problems with your build, I can send you a "flipped" eyes print that will fit any reversed right-left eye ovals.
I apologize for any inconvenience. It seems all kit instructions go through some revisions.

Tim also adds:
1. "I didn't need them, but the kit comes with several duplicate decals. They are there, just in case you have problems putting them on. But they do go on easily, so you probably won't need them either.
2. The kit comes with balsa wood fins, and they have lots of curved edges. Because of this, there is a chance that the wood can split along the grain. The hands and the toes are the most vulnerable to breaking. You might consider reinforcing those parts by laminating a piece of paper to the wood with some wood glue. I wish I would have done that on my rocket, as my Little Green man bumped it's toes and snapped one off. A little bit of super glue fixed that, and it is as good as new.
3. Because this rocket has pipe-cleaner antenna on top, there is a chance that they could alter the flight path of the rocket. Be prepared for this and have spectators stand a little further back when launching the rocket."

In response:
1. Extra decals are included! Some builders have problems with water slide decals. The extras are there for that reason.
2. My prototype models have had many flights on them. The feet are glued in such a way to reinforce the grain directions. I've had no cracks in the legs or feet. Regarding the hands, there's really no chance of the hands splitting where they are located.
3. The pipe cleaner antennas (even bent) will not effect the vertical path of the rocket! You'll just have to see a flight to believe it.

Last note: Do not use the Quest C6-5 engines in the Little Green Man or Pigasus rockets.
Please use Estes engines!

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