Saturday, September 13, 2014

Making Adeptors

I made up ten Adeptors last week.
The central bolt is originally 1 7/8" long, too tall on top of a blast deflector so it's cut in half.
After cutting in two, the bottom is filed flat. The raised bolt on a camera tripod only allows a few turns. The filed flat bottom on the Adeptor gives you a additional turn to better lock it down.

A hole is drilled through the side, then threads tapped for the thumbscrew. The thumbscrew is cut shorter so it won't be in the way of the rocket fins or engine flame.

An additional fender washer is included n the bag to cover the large center hole in the newer Estes Blast deflector plates.
Then comes the printing and bagging. All in a day's work!

The Odd'l Rockets ADEPTOR is small, but it will make a big difference in how you launch rockets.
When mounted on a camera tripod there is no more wet, grass stained and sore knees. Launch pictures are easier to take and come out better.
Its much easier to connect up the micro clips when the rocket is above waist level.

NOTE: For safety, it's not necessary to raise the camera tripod legs to the full extension.
Extend the tripod legs one segment and keep the tripods center of gravity low.
Or, tie a gallon jug of water to the hook under the center base of the tripod.

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