Thursday, July 10, 2014

Developing A Logo, Picking A Font, Part 1

Unless you've drawn up instructions before, you might not realize the work that goes into it. Here's a few hours work trying to come up with the right font and logo development for the new Little Green Man project. Take the time to find the right font for your design.

First pick out possible fonts:
After you pick some favorites, set the name of your model using them. When you see the model name in different fonts, your first choices might change.
These six looked like they were workable, but they should convey the right look for the model. Enlarge the picture to see the comments.
The Little Green Man design is silly and should reflect the era of the UFO scares, the late 1950s and 1960s.
Three fonts were knocked out immediately. Whether they were set in all caps or in upper and lower they were too hard to read at a glace, the wrong era or seemed too scary for the look of the model.

Here's the three I was left with. The reversed letter angles in the top font just don't work and it's all caps.
The lower font is "Hippy-ish" and not the right feel.
More tomorrow - 

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