Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kit Instruction Progress

While I was in Mexico, I worked on the Little Green Man Instructions They are almost done!

I continue to test fly the prototype model with good success.
This last Saturday the L.G.M. had a stable flight and good recovery with an Estes C6-5 engine. It has already flown once with A8-3, and four times with B6-4 engines.

Every new kit design goes through revisions.
A new prototype is being built with slight changes to the arms and legs.
While the slight changes probably won't effect stability, there will be additional test flights.

BMS is making up more custom nose cones they should arrive in a week. A few days ago I got a big Semroc order of ST-7 and ST-18 tubes.

I've heard it before: "Why does it take so long to produce a kit?"
Odd'l Rockets is a one man operation and these aren't simple 3FNC, RTF rockets.

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