Monday, July 14, 2014

Little Green Man Fin Changes Part 1

On the left is the first prototype hands for the upcoming Little Green Man kit.
They looked too thick. I had originally drawn them as shown in the inset picture but was concerned about the balsa grain direction.

After the model was built and flown I realized the "thumb" is pretty well protected and the chance of the balsa grain cracking there is small.

On the prototype, the blue fingernails were cut from trim Monokote.
In the kit these will be water slide decals, two dark green fingernails.
The Little Green man is painted a Rustoleum Key Lime Green overall.

On the prototype, the three turned up feet were probably set out at too much of an angle.
In the next build and kit the angle will be closer to vertical. The black tape shows the area that will be removed.

The angled feet create some base drag and actually help stabilize the rocket.
The new foot angle will get some better altitude.

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