Friday, July 18, 2014

Orders! July 18, 2014

I'm sending off a pre-NARAM order to Apogee today.
Apogee will be at NARAM with a small litter of PIGASUS kits for sale.
They will also have other Odd'l products available.

As soon as I get another order of laser cut fins - 
Another batch of Pigs and kits will go to Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack.

The first batch of laser cut fins have been ordered for the Little Green Man.
The first run of kits will be limited to 10. If those sell, more will be produced.


  1. Who will get the first batch of Little Green Men?

  2. Probably JonRocket and Apogee, five each to start.
    Right now I'm building the second prototype with small improvements over the first.
    After I fly that one a few times (to be sure) I'll be bagging up kits.