Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Little Green Man Test Flights

The Odd'l Rockets Little Green Man had it's sixth successful test flight on July 12 with an Estes B6-4 engine.

All is good, still no damage except for some expected small smoke discoloration.

At the July 14 STEM launch the L.G.M. had it's second C6-5 flight. That's seven stable flights!
The overhead recovery picture is a screen capture of that flight from Roger Smith's Quad Copter video camera. That's an Odd'l Rockets parachute with a spill hole. Roger's video is HERE

New designs go through quite a few flights before being released as a kit. The OOP Odd'l Rockets Wedgie was flown a few dozen times.
The stranger the design, the more test flights are required.

The second prototype flew naked (no paint) on July 20.
The hand shape is more defined and the feet angle is set closer to vertical. The new foot position is less draggy and adds some altitude. Flight eight - stable!

The Estes B6-4 engine popped the parachute at around 350 feet.
The antennas were just stuck in the head holes, not glued in until after painting.
It doesn't look very interesting without the eyes and big mouth.

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