Friday, July 11, 2014

Developing A Logo, Picking A Font, Part 2

The middle font reminds me of the old Irwin Allen Sci-Fi television shows.
In this revision, the second doubled "T" and "E" were flipped over so they didn't look the same.
Look at the second picture above to see how the letters look when two of the same Es are right next to each other.
To make it little more chaotic the ends of the two "N"s were extended above and below the baseline.
Some other letters got slight adjustments for better visual weight.
The emphasize the initials, the L, G and M were set larger than the rest of the letters. That's one way to make a capital letter when the font has no lower case.

Here's how the font will appear on the kit face card.
The word "Little" was thrown out and set smaller above the recess in the word "Green". It's now in white to stand out against the star background.
The words ""Green Man" got a white border for better contrast.

The end result works. It's easy to read and conveys a goofy 1960s space theme. The starry background also helps.

The years I sat setting type on the print shop VGC Phototypositor at the have paid off again.
The next time you throw away the instructions after building a kit, take a moment to realize it was one of the most time consuming and expensive parts to produce.
And this was just for the logo!


  1. It is called Samdan.
    Do a search and see if you can find it for free.

  2. Thanks. As soon as this kit comes out, I'm going to need three: one for each kid and one for the spare 5.5" tube and elliptical cone I have lying around waiting for a project...

  3. Hi W. Cook,
    Thanks! I'll try to get this one out in another month or so!
    Keep an eye on this blog for the release date.