Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Welcome To The Odd'l Rockets Website - Blog

While I still own the domain name, I didn't renew the Odd'l Rockets website. Why?
If I sold products directly it would be worthwhile to keep the website. All kits and accessories are sold through vendors.

The Odd'l website is now Odd'l Rockets blog.
Believe me, doing a blog is much easier than updating and maintaining a HTML website.
The Odd'l blog will be developed and expanded when I am in Mexico in June and July.

I have some new ideas for Odd'l products. 
The new Odd'l Rockets (generic) parachute is getting good reports from vendors.
Models like the BreakAway are being redesigned using BT-50H heavy wall tubing. With Semroc leaving, it's getting harder to buy the older ST tubing. New BreakAway instructions will be drawn up on an upcoming cruise.
A new design to follow the popularity of the Pigasus kit is being explored.
The Flic Shuttle in the Combo Kit will be replaced with a conical stability model. It's a better match next to the Corkscrew design.
The FinTool might finally be available!
Revisions and improvements to the Odd'l kits and instructions.

Odd'l Rockets is still here! Things are just in "flux".