Tuesday, February 5, 2019

NEW! Heavy Duty Engine Mounts

HDEMHeavy Duty Engine Mounts
are now available from Odd'l Rocket vendors!
Now at JonRocket.com - at more vendors soon!

Extended Length Spring Steel Engine Hook
        3" long engine hook allows engine block to be positioned under the top bend
        of the hook. No more worn or loose engine hooks!
Replaceable Kevlar Line Design
        Kevlar tie is looped under lower centering ring.
        Small guide tube along the side of the mount allows you to check the 
        condition of the Kevlar and replace if needed.
Heavy Wall BT-20H Engine Tube
        Stronger BT-20 tube for long life
        Works great with the new, more powerful 18mm Quest Composite engines
        and general model rocket use. 
Now at JonRocket.com - at more vendors soon!