Saturday, April 13, 2019

BT-20H (Heavy Wall) Tubing Now In Odd'l Rockets Kits!

The new Heavy Walled BT-20H tubes are being added to the Odd'l Rockets Kit lineup!
You'll see these tubes added to the 18mm engine mounts of kits being produced from this day forward.

There are still some recently produced kits with the standard thinner wall tubing out there. Keep an eye out, you'll notice the difference when you come across one of the new tubes!

The Heavy Walled 20 sized tubes are as thick as an Estes BT-55 or BT-60 tube. Stronger engine mounts for all general use including the new 18mm Quest composite C and D engines.

The normal Estes style BT-20 tube is on the left, the BT-20H (Heavy wall) tube is on the right. 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Frank Baeyens New Rockets -

Frank Baeyens posted on the Facebook Model Rocket Fanatics page - 
"New members of the fleet. Next week (weather permitting) they get baptized."