Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Logo?

I fixed the Odd'l Rockets Logo.
It was designed in 2009 before I really knew how to adjust and play with the type.
The old version is above, the new version below.

I know, subtle changes. I had some spare time between shows on the last cruise.
The new logo will be integrated into instructions whenever new pages are printed.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

New, Larger Ceramic BLAST! Deflector

I just got the first shipment of Odd'l Rockets Ceramic BLAST! Deflectors in the mail!

On the left is the older deflector, on the right is the new wider design. The molds were made from an actual MPC ceramic deflector.
The new design works well with most all LPR models.
The hole at the top is drilled for a 1/8" rod and is easily enlarged for 3/16" rods with a small jewelers file.

Check your Odd'l Rockets vendor for availability.
If they are not there yet, ask to be notified when they arrive.