Friday, July 31, 2015

A Note on the Pigasus and Little Green Man

No doubt about it - 
These are the most popular kits in the Odd'l Rockets lineup.

The kits sell to all age groups, but some are bought by kids.
Younger flyers are attracted to the bright colors and comical design.

That is my concern - 
While they may look like an easy build, a 10 year old will need help from a parent or someone with rocketry experience.
Kids typically won't closely follow instructions. They might leave out the nose weight or have trouble gluing the large wings on the pig. If the finish isn't smooth the water slide decals won't adhere well.

If you buy one for a younger flyer, there is a reason it's rated
Skill Level 3.
Just be close by to help with the build.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

New, Wider BLAST! Deflector Coverage

Under a BT-60 based model - 

Here's the flame "hit" on the side of the new, wider Blast! Ceramic Deflector.
This new design better protects wider diameter models against flame flashback which could damage the underside of a model.
To the lower right of the black soot you can see where the flame ended up - some flame was redirected to the flat metal deflector.

BT-5 to BT-70 models - Covered!
BT-80 rockets? Maybe not!