Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So . . . Where's All The New Stuff?

I've been busy!
Work on the Odd'l Rockets Break-Away and other products continues.
Every time I get back to work on the instructions, something else comes up!
I might be called away to do shows or a Disney audition comes up.

I'm currently producing instructions for Madcow or Aerotech. (more on that later) Orders have to be filled. Add to that model builds for customers and the MRB Blog. You can get a little overwhelmed.
Add to that model builds for customers.
I do as much as I can comfortably stand!

I got a good report back from Mike Stoop at Madcow. I asked if he had any feedback from customers from the new instructions for his 1.6" diameter kits.
He said: "No. But that's a good thing."
The new Bomarc instructions answer questions and he doesn't spend time on the phone explaining construction!

To see the Bomarc instructions: CLICK HERE
I am available to produce instructions for your kits! Contact me at