Tuesday, May 26, 2015


If I'm not doing shows, rocket production takes up most of my time.
Odd'l Rockets Parachutes are going to the Astronaut Hall Of Fame in Titusville, Florida.

It takes some coaxing to fit and fold a 18" (maximum) diameter parachute into a 3" x 4" zip bag!
Here's 75 parachutes after a two hour folding session.
The Odd'l parachutes are 1.5 mil thick, a bit stronger than a standard vendor chute. They still open easily at ejection. The red and white colors are opaque and very visible in the air and on the ground.

25 packages of Flame Resistant Shock Cords will go to Apogee in the next day or so.

What an exciting life I lead. Hah!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Odd'l Steampunk Design?

This is what you draw up when you have too much time on your hands.
Steam punk designs are big right now, this one is a Jules Verne Victorian style.

It would be up to the builder how much detail is added.
There are gauges, dials, tunnels and plenty of rivet heads.
The riding figure will sit on the model in profile, "sandwich board" style.
The canvas covered fins are based on the da Vinchi flying machine drawings.

This is the first drawing. The silhouette body isn't correct. 
The "man" will be holding the brim of his hat. The other hand will be on a throttle.
What do you think . . . should I proceed?