Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Paul W's F-16 Build

 Paul W. posted on the Facebook Model Rocket Fanatics page:

"Finally finished the Odd’l Rockets F-16. This was a Christmas present two years ago from my oldest daughter so it will be a wall hanger. Nice challenging build with great instructions."

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Revisions to the F-18 Hornet Prototype

Trying to design a stable model rocket from a jet will present some compromises.

The two jet engines extend beyond the back end. The front of the intakes are a partial circle. The back of the tubes are full circle and notched to overlap the end of the main body. 
Four tries (and 40" of scrapped BT-5) gave me a workable design. These tubes might also help stabilize the model.

On the next prototype the engine hook will be on the top side, away from the BT-5 tubes.
You might notice the underside of the BT-50H is rough. I've cut off four intake tries and had to sand off some glue.
The decal draws are turning out very well!