Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Break-Away Launched!

The new Odd'l Rockets BREAK-AWAY test prototype was launched at the soccer field this morning.

Perfect boost with an Estes A8-3. Apogee was at about 200' and ejection popped all six sections.
It did a wiggling serpentine down, landing on the grass with no damage.

It'll still need a few more test flights with B6-4 and C6-5 engines before it can be re-released.
Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Version Of An Older Kit!

Now that it looks like I'll be home for a while, I can concentrate on more products.

There is a good reason why the Odd'l Rockets Break-Away kit was out of production.
I was using ST-10 tubing  it's much stronger than the current BT-50 tubes. That last order of ST-10 tubes that had thinner walls, almost like the BT-50s.
With Semroc's future unsure (before it was sold) I had to find a stronger tube source. I ended up going with the BT-50H heavy walled tube.
The new Break-Away diameter a little narrower than before, but not by much.

I came up with a better way to tether the sections without using the short internal plastic lugs.
The couplers will be longer so the model won't be wobbly.
The nose cone is a bit shorter but still retains the parabolic shape.

There are a changes in the design. Odd'l kits are sometimes modified for improvement.
The Break-Away was a good seller and always a hit at club launches.
The model is built and will be test flown soon!

Friday, August 14, 2015

An Odd'l Parachute Endorsement!

A post from TRF:

From Jerry -
"I love using my well used/broken in 18" JonRocket parachute. There are no more memory fold lines. It's very soft and fluffy. Even the shroud lines are super soft from all the talc and not hard and whiskery. I have had dozens of flights with this chute and it just gets better like a well worn hat or shoes."

Hi Jerry,
That's good to hear!
I designed those parachutes for JonRocket and BMS. They are also used in RSR amd Odd'l Rockets kits. My goal was to produce the best LPR parachute out there.
The chute material is 1.5 mil thick, a bit thicker than most kit parachutes.

Three choices on diameter (12", 15" or 18") and three choices of spill hole size.
They are red and white for high visibility and look a lot like the Apollo and NASA Orion mission chutes. This makes them perfect for both sport and scale models.

Regarding shroud lines,
The best shroud lines have a high percentage of cotton. They will last longer and not easily melt like thread made with Rayon or Polyester.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flame Resistant Elastic Test

That's a LOT of elastic!

Here is bundles of 1/8" wide x 8 yards elastic, drying after soaking in a flame resistant solution.

I've flame tested the elastic before when I first settled on the solution ratios.

On this test I'd take pictures.

It's a simple test, holding the elastic close above a candle flame.
In the test the elastic was about 3/8" above the flame.

Here's the result - 
The top line of elastic didn't get the flame resistant treatment.
At just a few seconds the elastic melts and catches fire.

The lower elastic was soaked in the flame resistant solution.
It was held above the candle flame at the same height and for the same time. There is just a slight distortion and yellowing of the elastic.

Please note: The Odd'l Rockets treated elastic shock cord material is flame resistant, not flame proof.
Over time, elastic and plain rubber shock cords can deteriorate from the ejection charge flame and heat. The flame resistant treatment will extend the shock cord life. There may still be some smoke discoloration after flights.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

More Adeptors, More Adeptors!

Today I cut, filed, drilled and tapped 35 Adeptors!
These will be going out to the vendors shortly.

It takes almost a full day to get this many made.
(It's just me - no other employees)
My hands are sore and I've got a new blister.