Saturday, February 21, 2015

New FLARE Model Shroud Lug Slot

This is a condensed version of two posts from the Model Rocket Building Blog.
It will be part of a new model in the Combo Kit offered by Odd'l Rockets.

A launch lug has to pass through the shroud at the base of the model. The picture on the right shows a fit of the shroud around a 1/8"  diameter launch lug. The sides of the lug slot are straight.
The top edges don't wrap around the top end of the lug. There are gaps.

Here's the new shape of the launch lug cut.

The teardrop shape ends up hugging the sides of the lug better.
The top corners end up wrapping underneath the lug.
A better fit, less to fill and more aerodynamic!
Well, about as aerodynamic as you can get with a high drag tail shroud!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pigasus at February 14, NEFAR launch

Here's Cris Morris with her Odd'l Rockets Pigasus at the NEFAR monthly launch on February 14.

Here Pig was launched on pad 6 next to my Little Green Man on pad 7.
The Pigasus put in a good, stable launch with a C6-5.

Thanks Cris! Great job on your Pig!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Cyclone Hole Punching TIP

I'm making up a batch of Cyclone kits and have to punch a ejection charge relief hole in the BT-20 upper body tubing.

You can get a clean hole using a simple 1/4" hole punch. This is how Estes punched holes in the Scout kits.

TIP: When punching the hole, be sure to stay away from the body tube seams! On the left I have penciled a line on the seam recess. Don't punch on this weakened (seam) area.
The inset picture shows the hole being punched correctly to the side of the seam.

Here's the finished hole, a perfectly round, clean punch!

Be sure to punch far enough down from the top to clear the nose cone shoulder.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

2014 New Products

Looking back on 2014 it was a big year for Odd'l Rockets!

In February, the Odd'l Rockets multi-size PARACHUTE is printed and bagged!
The PIGASUS Kit is introduced at NARCON last March.
Flame Resistant SHOCK CORDS are added to the accessory lineup.
In August the LITTLE GREEN MAN is first bagged up!
2,000 more RAISE SPRINGS are ordered.

Work and testing continue on new and improved products.
Thanks for your support!