Odd'l Rockets Accessories will change 
the way you launch Model Rockets!

SORRY - The Odd'l Blast Deflector is now longer available.

Ceramic Blast Deflector

* The molds were made from an original G. Harry Stine designed MPC ceramic deflector.
* The base is now wider for better coverage under wider diameter rockets.
* The Blast! deflector fits over and protects the Odd'l Rockets Adeptor.
* Non-Conductive Ceramic - No more shorted micro clips!
* Raise your rockets above the flat metal deflector and prevent flame flash back

Now available from the Odd'l Rockets store at Cafe Press:

Last year I set out to design the ultimate LPR parachute.
One size does fit all! Your choice - 18", 15" or 12".
1.5 mil thick, slightly thicker than the Semroc chutes, a little thinner than the Estes. Three different spill hole sizes.
It resembles the Apollo mission parachutes, perfect for sport and sport scale models.

You'll find these parachutes available separately from vendors including: JonRocket and BMS.
Look for them in kits produced by DFR Technologies, Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack and in the Odd'l Rockets Pigasus, L.G.M. and Fighter Fleet Jets.

The Camera Tripod Launcher Adapter - 

  • Get off the wet ground and save your knees!
  • Get better launch pictures with the ignition taking place closer to the camera level.
  • Launch using 1/8" and 3/16" launch rods.
This Adeptor is meant for LPR launches, 1/8A through E engines.
NOTE: It is not necessary (or needed) to open the camera tripod legs beyond the first extension. 
Keep your tripod launcher low for more stability and a low center of gravity.

The most popular LPR accessory!
Launch Rod Adjustment Spring

Based on the old Centuri Rocket Adjustment Spring,
The Odd'l Rocket Spring fits the 1/8" launch rod better allowing for fingertip height adjustments.
The weight of the rocket locks the spring on the launch rod!
The brass rod on the upper arm extension prevents it from catching on the engine hook.

Invaluable for Odd-Rocs, Boost gliders, Monocopters and everyday launch use.

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